Shankachood Kalsarp Yog

Shankachood Kal Sarpa Dosha is the ninth Kalsarpa Yoga in its series. There are many stories are available in the religious scriptures related to Shankhchud snake. People who did bad Karmas in their previous birth will get Kalsarpa Yoga in their present birth. According to Vedic astrology, every child should respect his father and should perform all the tasks related to his funeral with full dedication after his death and he should do Pind Daan of his father. If he will not perform these tasks then his manes will create affliction in his life. There are many Yogas are present which form due to woes of manes and Kalsarpa Yoga is one of them. This Dosha can create distance between him and his father, therefore, he should try to form sweet relations with his father. He should resolve his disputes with his father instead to increase them.